About Me

Academic Qualifications


Post-graduate Diploma in Cognitive Therapy (Oxford University, 2011)

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (University of East Anglia, 2009)

PhD Developmental Psychopathology (Southampton University, 2006)

BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology with Clinical Psychology (University of Kent, 2002)


I am a qualified clinical psychologist and my post-qualification training has allowed me to develop expertise in the area of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.


Experience & Expertise


I work most of my time in the NHS with adults with severe and complex mental health problems. Since qualifying as a Clinical Psychologist in 2009, I have specialised in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), completing post-graduate training in CBT at the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre.


My post-graduate training and ongoing development enable me to offer a rigorous approach that draws on the latests developments in the cognitive and behavioural therapies in a way that is flexible, creative and tailored to your needs. As a clinical psychologist I have expertise in broader psychological theories and models and can provide a sensitive and comprehensive approach to psychological therapy.


I have considerable experience of schema focused therapy. Schemas are long standing patterns of how we see and feel about ourselves, other people and the world around us.  Schema based approaches are very helpful for people who have longstanding difficulties and patterns in their relationships or other areas of their lives which are holding them back.


I am also interested in positive psychology and in recent innovations in CBT to incorporate an understanding of peoples' strengths, values and resilience into therapy, which enhances hope, creativity and allows therapy to go beyond resolving difficulties and into helping people to thrive and achieve their potential.


I have substantial experience of working with adult clients with a full range of mental health problems. My NHS work largely focuses on clients with complex and long standing difficulties. However, working in the private sector gives me the freedom to work with people who I would not be able to see in the NHS and allows me to offer you the latest and most effective CBT approaches. It also allows me the chance to offer therapy to people who might not be able to meet me face to face due to location or other commitments via skype.