How many sessions will I need?


This very much depends on your particular goals for psychological therapy. For some people a one-off consultation or very small number of sessions (e.g. 3-6) is enough to identify the key issues and consider ways forward that the individual can apply on their own, perhaps returning to therapy in the future as and when he or she feels it is helpful.


I often work with people for 12-20 sessions to enable them to spend a sustained period of time focusing on one or two key issues and making substantial progress. CBT is a very active approach, empowering you to understand your own challenges and draw on your own resources to find new ways forward. The more you can practice between sessions, the more quickly you are likely to make progress and less sessions may be necessary.


I do not ask you to make any commitment beyond the next session. If we decide to work together over a longer period of time, we will build in regular reviews to ensure that the work is as helpful to you as it can be.


How much does a session cost?


It depends on when and where I see you but generally around £100 for a one hour session. Skype sessions cost £80 for a 1 hour session.


Is it confidential?


Yes. I will ask for your consent to discuss our work (without mentioning your name) with my clinical supervisor. This allows for me to continue to develop as a professional and gives you confidence that I am practicing in a safe and competent way.


If you are seeking help for a mental or physical health difficulty then it may be helpful for me to inform your GP (or other professionals involved in your care) of our work. This allows everyone to work together to best help you.


Otherwise, the work is confidential unless I am concerned that there is a significant risk of harm to you or to another person, in which case I, like every other professional, am obligated to report this to the relevant authorities.