Services at Believe CBT

At Believe CBT, I can provide CBT to help in the following areas:


Personal Development


You don't have to be experiencing significant mental health difficulty or distress to seek therapy. CBT can help you to overcome low self-esteem, issues with confidence, assertiveness, perfectionism, relationships, stress management, motivation, relaxation, weight management and developing or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Current changes in both the public and private sectors are leading to huge increases in pressure in the workplace. I can work with you to identify your values, strengths and resources that can sustain you and enable you to thrive through organisational upheaval and stress.


Mental Health


CBT has a substantial and growing evidence base supporting its effectiveness to treat many mental health difficulties including depression, social anxiety, health anxiety, OCD, panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder, phobias, psychosis and personality disorders. I also have considerable experience in working with survivors of childhood abuse and trauma and can provide a gentle, compassionate approach to support you to build the life you want to have.




CBT supervision of clinical work is available to qualified professionals only. Supervision from someone outside your immediate workplace can allow you to focus on your personal supervision goals and move towards being the kind of clinician you aspire to be. Clinical responsibility for any work undertaken remains with you and your employing organisation.


Training & Consultation


I have provided training sessions to several clinical psychology doctorate and CBT diploma courses. I am particularly interested in helping people to develop skills to work with relationship issues in CBT and in using CBT to help people with complex and longstanding difficulties. I have also provided consultation to NHS services outside of my own workplace to help them develop their services.


If you are not sure whether I could help you, please feel free to contact me to arrange a 15 minute free no obligation telephone call.